Turbine Housing install

1. Remove the 3 13mm nuts holding the engine cover on and remove engine cover.

2. Loosen the four lower hose clamps and the V band clamp on the Y pipe and remove the Y pipe and orange couplers. For intercooled models remove the intercooler pipes attached to the Y pipe as well then remove Y pipe.

3. Put rags or paper towels in intake manifolds to keep debris or falling nuts, bolts, or tools from falling in them.

4. Loosen the two hose clamps holding the turbo inlet pipe to the turbo and intermediate housing and remove turbo inlet pipe.

5. Disconnect EBPV (Exhaust Back Pressure Valve) connector. It is a black two pin connector attached to the turbo on the lower front driver's side corner.

6. Using a 7/16ths deep well socket loosen and remove V band clamp holding down pipe to exhaust housing.

7. Remove the EBPV actuator rod from EBPV by sliding collar toward driver's side of truck and pulling down.

8. Remove the three 12 pt. 8mm bolts attaching the EBPV to the turbo and remove the EBPV. It is easiest to use 8mm 12pt. 3/8 drive socket with 3" extension and ratchet for front and top bolts and 8mm 12pt combination wrench for the rear bolt.

9. Remove the two 13mm upper exhaust flange bolts and two lower 15mm lower exhaust flange bolts.

10. Remove 4 10 mm turbo pedestal bolts. The rear two are easiest reached by using a 10mm universal 1/4" drive socket with a 6" extension and ratchet.

11. Lift turbo up and out of engine compartment.

12. Remove the four 12pt. 8mm exhaust housing bolts and remove housing. It may take a few blows from a dead blow hammer to get the housing off. Be careful not to damage fins on turbine wheel.

13. Reinstall in reverse order.

Turbo Rebuild

1. Remove four 12 pt. 8mm compressor housing bolts and remove compressor housing.

2. Remove compressor wheel. Hold turbine wheel and the compressor wheel just unscrews counter clockwise. Be careful not to mess up fins on wheel if you plan to reuse it.

3. Remove four 12pt. 8mm bolts holding compressor backing plate to center section and remove compressor backing plate.

4. Remove turbine wheel, shaft, thrust plate and bearings noting order it was removed and direction of the thrust plate and bearings.

5. Remove oil seal from turbine shaft next to turbine wheel. It looks like a small piston ring. Replace it with the new one that comes in the kit.

6. Reassemble shaft and bearings using new bearings from the kit making sure they are installed in the same order as removed. Also pay very close attention to the direction of the thrust plate as there are oil passage groves in it that if installed backward will cut off the oil flow to the thrust plate and turbo will fail in short time.

7. Reinstall compressor backing plate using locktite on bolts.

8. Install compressor wheel and tighten until there is .001"-.004" end play in shaft. You will need a dial indicator to do this.

9. Install compressor housing using a sealant such as silicone to the outer sealing surface. Apply a thin layer of silicone so that it doesn't ooze out into the turbo and only apply it to the groove in the backing plate where the housing seals to it.

10. Reinstall turbo.