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Due to logistical issues I had discontinued production of these kits. However with recent demand I've revisited doing another production run. I have updated the prices and am waiting for enough solid orders to start a production run.  If you are interested in a kit please e-mail me and let me know if you are serious and I will add you to the list.

EGTs getting to hot when pulling your big trailer up hills or when you are trying to pass that Duramax or Cummins with your hot chip/ programmer in your '94-'97 Powerstroke? Don't want to pay $1500-$1700 for an intercooler? Here is your solution! All you need is an intercooler off a '99-'03 7.3L Powerstroke and this kit and you are set. The intercoolers are readily available on Ebay for around $200.00. Some go for more some go for less. That combined with this kit only puts you at approximately $725 which is $250 less than the next competitor! This kit uses mandrel bent aluminized steel. Stainless steel is optional but not polished. All pipe ends are rolled with beads to keep couplers from blowing off at high boost levels. All brackets and intake Spyder are powder coated for superior finish and resistance to rust. Custom colors available at an additional cost. All couplers are high quality silicone for resistance to the heat and pressures associated with a charge air system. Clamps are high quality stainless steel T bolt clamps for superior clamping power. Kit also includes extended oil fill spout for ease of filling engine with oil with the pipes running near the oil fill hole in the valve cover.

Intercooler Install Kit $775.00

Intake Spyder

When intercooling a '94-'97 Powerstroke you need this intake Spyder to attach to the turbo and intake manifolds. The only other ready made option is the stock piece off an early '99 Super Duty Powerstroke. The Super Duty piece requires you to purchase new intake manifold boots that will step from the 2 3/8" outlets to the 2" intake manifold which are very spendy and you will need the V band clamp that holds the stock piece to the turbo as it is cast aluminum and the flange is much thicker. Also there are sensor and hose barb holes that need to be sealed up on the stock piece. This intake Spyder reuses all the factory couplers and V band clamp and requires no further modifications or parts to make it work. It is powder coated for a durable finish that won't rust through. Custom colors are available for an additional fee.

Intake Spyder
Custom Color Powder coating

Intercooler Pipes

These tubes are for use with a '99 Ford Super Duty Intercooler and Y pipe. It includes two piece tubes, two silicone couplers for the joint in the middle of the tubes, and four T bolt clamps and an oil fill extension. You will need the silicone couplers to attach the tubes to the intercooler and Y pipe.
Intercooler Tubs

Intercooler Pipe Kit

Intercooler Tube Kit

The Kit includes everything above and an additional four silicone couplers and eight T bolt clamps to attach the pipes to the intercooler and Y pipe.

Intercooler Install Brackets

Intsall Brackets

I regret to say the prices have recently increased on the intercooler pipes

and kits due to the cost of steel going up.

Intercooler Pipe Kit Install Instructions

Intercooler Install Pictures