GTS Motorsports DIR (Do It Right) injectors are manufactured with the strictest of quality control. Every injector is calibrated to ensure proper opration and fuel flow and to verify that the entire set is propery ballanced. Each injector is carefully dissassembled and inspected for wear. Any parts that show wear are replaced. If the wear item is not replaceable, such as the popit valves, the entire injector is replaced with a new one.

Unlike many other injector builders, due to our high standards we do not do an exhange program on our remanufactured injectors. The reason for this is simply because we will not chance sending out a good set of injectors to someone and having them send us a worn out set as cors which in turn get rebuild and sent to the next guy, or upon reciept of the worn out injectors having to charge a huge cor charge. This way upon reciept of your injectors they will be inspected and you will be contacted with a report of the condition of your injectors. If they are suitable for remanufacturing then they will be remanufactured. However if they are worn out and not suitable for going through you will know up front what the costs are going to be. The biggest concern is in the armature clearance caused by a worn popit valve seat. The best way to know if this is going to be an issue is to remove the solenoid from the injector and using a feeler gauge check the clearance between the armature plate and top of the injector. If you cannot fit a .002" feeler gauge between them with very light to no resistance the injector is worn beyond repair. Some other shops may claim this can be repaired with some machine work however it is just a bandaid for the actual problem and GTS Motorsports will not compromise the quality of the injectors we send out just to save money on replacing the injector with a new one. For more information on popit clearances click here.

GTS Motorsports Injectors
Single Shot Injectors
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Stock Remanufactured


Stage I 160cc with stock nozzles


Stage II 160 cc NEW larger nozzles


New AC Stage I 160cc injector with stock nozzle


Stage III Hybrids with NEW larger nozzles


Note all prices include new internal and external o-rings, updated armature screws and nozzle opening springs. Any additional parts needed such as plungers and barrels, nozzles, check plates, etc are in addition to the listed prices.