'99-'03 7.3L Powerstroke Exhaust Brake

Remove the EBPV connector located in the center on the front of the turbo pedestal. Plug in the EBPV connector on the exhaust brake wire harness. NOTE! The factory connector has a wire hoop that holds the connector on. The new connector for the exhaust brake has two plastic tabs that hold it on. While the connectors are slightly different they are correct. Run the harness up past the drivers side of the compressor housing and up behind the plastic wire harness channel on the front of the cowl. Run the harness down the cowl to the drivers side. Just past the end of the wire harness channel there is a factory ground. Remove the 10mm bolt and install the ground terminal from the exhaust brake wire harness. Secure the exhaust brake wire harness to the factory wire harness channel with a couple of zip ties.

Locate the block off plate on the drives side of the fire wall. Remove this plate. It is easiest to use a pair of needle nose pliers from the inside to pinch the clips together on either end of the block off plate to free it from the fire wall. Drill a 1/2" hole in the location shown in the picture. Reinstall the block off plate. Run the wire from the exhaust brake wire harness through the hole in the block off plate until all you can see in the engine compartment is wire loom.

Remove the three 10mm bolts holding the throttle pedal to the fire wall. Unplug the IVS and TPS connector. Unhook the spring from the throttle lever and zip tie the pedal in the wide open throttle position. Hold the micro switch up to the lever in the location shown and mark the holds to be drilled. Drill the holes to 1/8". Put the micro switch between the lever and pedal mounting bracket and insert screws through the right side of the lever. Do not over tighten screws! Reinstall the pedal. Run the wires from the block off plate straight back along the factory wires and then across the lower portion of the dash and back over along the TPS and IVS wires using zip ties to secure the wire and plug into the micro switch. Plug the wire that goes from the micro switch to the rocker switch into the micro switch and run back along the IVS/TPS wires and along the bottom of the dash. Remove the dash panel under the steering column by turning the screws 1/2 turn counter clockwise to release the clips. From the back of the panel drill a 13/16" hole in the middle of the upper most box on the far passengers side of the panel. Install the rocker switch in the hole. Plug the wire coming from the micro switch on the throttle pedal into the rocker switch. Then plug the end of the last wire in the kit onto the back of the rocker switch and run it along the bottom of the dash over to the fuse panel. Remove the fuse panel cover and the #30 fuse. Install the fuse tap on the left side of the fuse and reinstall the fuse. Drill a small hole in the fuse panel cover on the left side of the number 30. Install the fuse panel and make sure the fuse tap sticks out the hole. Plug the wire from the rocker switch onto the fuse tap. Reinstall the lower panel and you are done!

Be sure to turn exhaust brake off when using cruise control! Severe engine damage could result!!

GTS Motorsports is in no way liable for any damages that may occur to truck from installation, use or misuse of this product!