'94-'97 Exhaust Brake Install

Tools needed

Drill motor

1/8" drill bit

1/2" drill bit (with 3/8" shank if useing a 3/8" drill)

13mm socket and ratchet

7mm socket and ratchet or nut driver

#1 Philips screw driver

T20 Torx bit or screw driver (not manditory but makes job a litle easier)

1. Locate the 2 pin black Exhaust Back Pressure Valve (EBPV) connector. It is attached to the lower drivers side of the turbo just under the intake boot. Unplug the connector and plug in the connectors of the Exhaust brake harness.

2. Find a suitable location to run wires through the fire wall. In an auto trans equipped truck the clutch block off plate is recommended. If for some reason you decide to remove the brake and don't need the hole in the fire wall the block off plate can be replaced and there will no longer be a hole in the fire wall. Drill a 1/2" hole and run the wire coming off the EBPV connectors through it. Pull it through until there is no bare wire left outside the truck. There should only be wire loom visible from the engine compartment.

3. Remove the throttle pedal. Unplug the Idle Validation Switch (IVS) and the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Remove the 3 13mm nuts holding the throttle to the fire wall. Remove the IVS. Position the micro switch as shown on the throttle lever and mark where the holes need to be drilled. Watch where you mount it as if you aren't careful the holes will line up with the return spring on the opposite side of the lever and will be difficult to get the screws in. Also note that the switch doesn't have to be really close to the edge of the lever so that the tab makes contact with the backing plate. Bend the tab out until it just clicks as the throttle is fully released. It is easiest to mark the holes by using a drill bit about the same size or a little smaller than the hole in the switch and inserting it into the hole to mark the location. Watch that the holes aren't going to be right in line with the spring on the other side of the lever. Drill the holes in the marked location to 1/8". Using the supplied screws attach the switch to the lever. Reinstall the IVS. Reinstall the throttle assembly. Plug the wire coming through the fire wall from the EBPV connector into the connector on the micro switch.

4. Remove the lower trim panel from the dash under the steering column. There is a 7mm screw one on either lower corner. Drill a 1/2" hole in the location shown in the picture. Make sure you check behind the panel BEFORE you drill the hole to make sure there is clearance where you drill the hole. Install the rocker switch and attach the wire with the bullet connector at one end to the micro switch on the throttle. Reinstall the panel.

5. Run the other wire from the rocker switch to the fuse panel. Install the fuse tap on the lower terminal of the #17 fuse. It is the one directly above the flasher relay on the far right side. Plug the wire from the rocker switch onto the fuse tap.

Cruise control must be turned off when useing exhaust brake. Severe engine dammage could result!

GTS Motorsports is in no way liable for any damages that may occur to truck from installation, use or missuse of this product.