'92-'97 Ford Headlight Bucket Replacement

Start by removing the negative wire on both batteries, then the positive and remove the batteries. There is one 8mm bold holding the battery down in the front center of the battery. Remove the jack crank.

Remove the 4 Phillips screws holding the top of the grille on and one in the middle lower portion of the grille. Lift the grille out and up to release it from the lower bosses.

Remove the two screws on above headlight on both sides.

Unplug the headlight bulb and remove the front and side marker light bulbs. NOTE you don't have to remove the headlight bulb as in the picture. Just unplug the connector. Remove the hidden 11mm bolts on either side and remove the headlight doors.

Remove the 11 8mm bolts attaching the black headlight/grille support. The four indicated above are inside with the threads pointing to the outer sides of the truck. Once all bolts are loose rock the top out first and lift the support out of the truck.

Once you have the black plastic piece out remove the 3 clips holding the headlights to it on either side and remove the headlights. Reinstall the new headlights and reinstall the clips.

Reverse removal for assembly.